Project Management

Maritime Logistics, Inc. offers operational procedures that have been perfected over years of development and improvement. In addition to our processes, we take the time to plan the smallest details, knowing that these play an important part in successful delivery.

Equipped with heavy lift gear, conventional and modular trailers, jacking and skidding equipments, barges and other specialized vessels,Mariime logistics provides complete end-to-end service in the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa, the Indian subcontinent and Asia. We design effective solutions for logistical movements of containerized and break bulk cargo, massive and over dimensional objects, from your factory at origin to your site at destination.

Highlights of our Project Management Services:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Route surveys and site inspections
  • Cost and budget development
  • Client tailored transportation consultancy
  • Cargo supervision at loading and unloading points
  • Air / Ocean / Land Chartering
  • Inland services including heavy haul, rail and barge movements
  • Purchase order management and cargo tracking
  • Insurance arrangements
  • Storage arrangements for short and long term
  • Bonded facility and Inventory Management
  • Heavy Lift Operations at Port
  • Heavy Lift Transportation Management
  • Break-Bulk
  • Project Cargo
  • Wind / Air / Solar


Business requirements can change quickly in today’s marketplace. Growing competition, disruptive technologies and new business models keep changing the playing field, creating new challenges and new opportunities. Having a smart and agile supply chain is vital to remaining competitive in these circumstances. At Maritime Logistics, Inc. we are committed to becoming your strategic and collaborative partner. Our focus is on providing customized, flexible, and scalable logistics solutions designed to protect and enhance your supply chain, brand and ultimately, your bottom-line. Our team of specialists work jointly with you to develop supply chain solutions that:

  • Synchronize supply with demand
  • Meet your evolving business goals efficiently
  • Are reliable, responsive and agile
  • Assure product availability at minimal costs
  • Help reduce inventory and optimize operations
  • Improve delivery service, quality, and customer service
  • Solve challenges and adds competitive advantage